There are four capitals of the UK, the four being London in England, Edinburgh in Scotland, Cardiff in Wales, and Belfast in Northern Ireland. London is by far the UK’s largest city with almost 1/3 of England’s people living in this prosperous southeastern part of the country.

The Weather

England is temperate of climate where it rains in abundance all year round, though the seasons are quite variable in temperature. Scotland’s climate is temperate and oceanic and tends to be very changeable though it’s generally warmer in the east. As for Wales’ climate, it is like that of England’s in most regards. Northern Ireland however has a temperate maritime weather and is wetter in the west rather than the east. Spring is the period from March to May, while Summer lasts from June to August. Autumn in the United Kingdom lasts from September to November and Winter in the UK is lasts from December to February.

What UK has to offer

Unique, traditional, cutting edge, refreshing, imaginative, surprising… whatever you’re looking for, you will find in UK. Check out Britain’s great outdoors - sea sparkling Scottish lochs, rolling hills, lush fields, jagged coastlines and spectacular views; or her 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites – historic monuments , royal castles, and some of the world’s oldest churches in cities rich in culture and heritage. Best treat of all is the free admission to many of the country’s world class museums! UK’s English Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world. Cricket (invented in England), golf (in St Andrews) and Wimbledon tennis championships all contribute greatly to the exciting sports scene in UK. But your stay in UK will not be complete if you do not visit London’s West End, home to more than 50 historic theatres and the biggest blockbuster broadway shows as well as experimental theatre that UK is well-known for. Without a doubt, you will find in UK a cocktail of experiences that is hard to beat!

The Education

The UK has some of the world's leading and oldest higher educational institutions, such as the ancient multi-faculty universities at Oxford and Cambridge. In short, the education system is world-renowned. Almost all the Universities in the UK are run by the State and have charitable status. Their purpose is for education and not for making a profit.

All UK universities must meet clearly defined and rigorous minimum standards in education, research and university management. Every academic department is subject to a detailed external review for teaching and research on a four yearly cycle and the results of these assessments are published. There is a strong tradition within UK universities to integrate teaching with current research. Admission is competitive according to academic merit, hence, Degrees from this country, which has more than 1,200 years of experience as quality education provider, are well-accepted by employers everywhere in the world.

English language has spread to all corners of the world due to the British Empire in the 19th and early 20th century, and also thanks to the United States of America's current state of cultural and economic influence. English language has thus become the business language of the world and is taught as a second language more than any others worldwide.

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