After completing secondary school education, students can choose to study one of the following pre-university courses in the UK:

GCE A-Level

The General Certificate of Education, commonly referred to as A-level (stands for Advanced Level). A-level examinations are usually sat by 16- to 18-year- olds in schools and colleges
It is available in over 45 subjects, from English and Math to Psychology and Business studies. Students can take 3 or 4 subjects that are usually relevant to the degree subject they plan to study.
The general duration for A-levels is either 18 months (intake in Jan / April) or 2 years (intake in Sept)


International Foundation Programme

University Foundation Programme lasts eight months to a year. It is an intensive course with specialised modules to bridge the knowledge gap between high school and university. It prepares students for progression into degree courses primarily at the linked university.
It is designed as an alternative to the conventional A-Level
route. The foundation programmes are more focused on the
subjects for the selected stream (e.g. Engineering, Business,
Science etc.).

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a two-year educational programme for students aged 16–19 that provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education, and is recognised by universities world wide.
IB Diploma Programme students study six courses at higher level or standard level. Three of the subjects are taken at
standard level and three at higher level.

Undergraduate Degree

- An undergraduate degree normally takes three years / four years to complete but can take longer if there is an industrial placement, an additional subject or a year abroad.
- Types of undergraduate degree include:
1. BSc (Bachelor of Science) - a science degree
2. BA (Bachelor of Arts) - an arts degree
3. BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) - an engineering degree
England, Wales & Northern Ireland : 3 - 4 Years (depending on courses)
Scotland: 4 -5 Years (depending on courses), students with excellent A-Level results may apply to enter 2nd year directly on a case-by-case basis
4. Etc
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