ASA’s corporate values drive every team member in the organization to extend love and care to the less privileged in our community. We believe that all contributions, no matter how big or small, can touch lives. ASA is committed to contribute what we could to ‘give back’ to the community because we believe that our success is closely tied to the community where we are in. We welcome anyone who is also enthusiastic in reaching out to the less privileged to join our team members for the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities.

“A person's a person, no matter how small” - Dr Seuss, an American writer, poet, and cartoonist most widely known for children’s picture books.

And this is so true. We, at ASA, have a burden for the less privileged children in our community. Even though they are little children, they are part of our community, and most importantly they are the future generations of our country. So, their happiness is important.

In recent years, the beneficiaries of our CSR activities were mostly orphans in our neighbourhood.

“Not just presents but presence!”

This was one of the CSR activities organized by ASA Petaling Jaya team. Many people would think of orphans during festive seasons; sending them presents, giving money and other donations. Of course, all these contributions are appreciated. But the team members of ASA Petaling Jaya felt strongly that, “TIME” is the hardest to “give”, especially for us who lead hectic lives in a busy city like Kuala Lumpur. Everyone is chasing time every single day. How many of us are willing to give away our precious time for these children? Read more

So, instead of just sending toys or giving cash donations, the team members decided to organize an outing for the children.

This event took place in July 2012. ASA PJ staff members and also a number of ASA students who were back during the summer break participated in this meaningful activity. Everyone gathered one Saturday morning. Of course all of them woke up early; sacrificing their sleep. The office was closed for that day. We set aside businesses and our personal commitments and went to a nearby shopping centre – One Utama, to extend our love to a group of orphans. The orphans travelled from Puchong to join the ASA team for breakfast at McDonalds. Everyone had an enjoyable time; laughing, playing, singing and dancing. It was fun indeed, not just for the children but also the team members.

One of the team members said, “I feel so happy being with these children. The feeling of giving is so ‘enriching’ and it really isn’t difficult to give. We should continue this effort, no matter how busy we are. The sacrifices are worthwhile!”

After the fun and games, each team member or student took two orphans to spend more personal time with them. The children were also given RM50 each for shopping. They could buy either (i) something for practical use (ii) something to read (iii) something to play with or cuddle; or (iv) something nice to wear.

Team members and students took this opportunity to educate the children about the value of money and how to spend wisely with the allocated budget. The close interaction went a long way in showing love to the children.

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“Adopt my lovely teddy”

Nearly all of us have our collections of fluffy toys at home - in our cupboards or our storerooms. These toys are precious to us as many of them were bought or given over the years from our childhood/growing-up days. The ASA Penang team had decided to invite orphans from one of the rural areas in Penang, to celebrate Christmas in the Penang Office. Read more

Every team member went home to look through their personal collections and brought a few of their own precious fluffy toys (in relatively ‘new’ condition) to give to the children. The team members felt that this gesture was a lot more meaningful than buying any ordinary toys for the children.

Family members, friends of ASA team and also ASA students also participated in this event. In the morning, the children came in with a real joyful mood for the Christmas party. They sang Christmas carols, played games and had a yummy KFC lunch.

“The children have not eaten a KFC meal for at least two years now. The last one was bought and sent to the orphanage by a bank” said a senior staff member of the orphanage. This was really sad to hear as something that anyone of us could afford quite easily was deemed a luxury to these children.

One of the children was only 2 years old. She was very quiet and shy when she first arrived. The warm hugs and kisses cheered her up, and she was happily singing after a short while. The children also got to watch a fun cartoon ‘Prophet Elijah’ with the team members.

At the end of the party, the children had a ‘Lucky Dip’ to decide which fluffy toy they could bring back with them. All of us had great time sharing love, joy, peace, and hope with the children that Christmas!

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“May I date you for a movie?”

This CSR activity was supported by one of the ASA partners, INTO University partnership. The children from an orphanage were brought to a Cineplex booked by the Company to watch ’Hannah Montana’. This was not an activity that the children could enjoy on a regular basis.
Read more

Upon arrival, the children lined up for the movie ‘must haves’ - popcorn and coke, and a light meal. They also interacted with ASA team members and INTO staff members.

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ASA and the University of St Andrews jointly organized a charity event in Penang with the objective to raise funds for the local community.

The committee channeled the money collected and additional donations from the University and ASA to a local Institution for mute and hearing impaired students. Read more

The Institution decided to use the money to buy additional units of air-conditioners for the library to give their students a better study environment and to upgrade the computers for the students’ use.

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