• 1) What can ASA do for me and how much do they charge for the consultation fees?Open or Close

    ASA Overseas Education Specialist is an overseas education consultancy providing a one-stop comprehensive service to help you in your application for overseas education in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and USA. Our services include: consultancy services; applications to Universities / Colleges / Boarding Schools; accommodation arrangements, visa application assistance and also travel arrangements.

    Our services are FREE-OF-CHARGE.

  • 2) How do I apply to study abroad?Open or Close

    At ASA, we take great care in explaining to you the application process and assist you every step of the way. From submitting the application to the institution that you have selected to your arrival at your destination, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Our education advisors will help you with submitting ALL the applications and it will be all systems go before you know it. For more information on how to apply to study abroad, refer to ASA Student Admission Process Flow page.

  • 3) What are the basic entry requirements for overseas studies?Open or Close

    The entry requirements vary; depending on colleges, universities, type and level of courses.

    1. Academic Entry Requirements

    For Pre-U applications, you are required to provide your academic performance in your high school. Extra curricular activities and accomplishments in schools will sometime add value to your application, especially if you are seeking scholarship opportunities.

    If you are applying for undergraduate studies, you must have completed Pre-U / higher secondary studies, or have the equivalent qualification stipulated by the university or institution. If the course of interests is relating to art and design you usually will be asked to submit a portfolio (complying to the requirements outlined) and for music, drama or dance related programmes, an audition is required. This is to confirm that the student has the talents for the course of interest.

    For you are applying for postgraduate studies, you must have at least a bachelor level qualification at a recognised tertiary institution, failing which you would have to complete a bridging course by the university or institution. The entry requirements are usually spelled out clearly as well as pre-requisite for each degree, this information can be obtained from individual departments or faculties. ASA Education Advisors will also be able to provide you with the details if you make an appointment to discuss your study plan.

    Most universities require you to have at least two or more years of work experience at managerial level if you are applying for MBA courses.

    2. *Important – English Language Entry Requirements

    If English is not the first language or medium for teaching for your course of study, you will need to meet the minimum requirements set by the institution. To do so, you have to sit for an English proficiency test that is acceptable or recognized by the institution you are applying to. Certain institution may offer their own entrance test and English test which ASA could administer in the office. Otherwise, student could also choose to sit for an international recognized English proficiency test such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE Academic English.

    Please contact ASA’s education advisors for further information on how to register for the English Proficiency Test, test dates, fees and preparation courses or tutorials (if any).

  • 4) How do I know if the course is suitable for me?Open or Close

    Our professional education advisors will provide career guidance to help you choose a course that is most suitable for you, taking into consideration your strengths and weaknesses as well as your interests. This is done during the one-to one course & career counseling sessions that will be carried out in strict confidence. We go by our motto ‘Your education is our TOP priority“. So we always take special care to help you in your decision making process. Rest assured that our advice is unbiased and you will be the one who will find a course that is the right for you, at the institution of your choice.

  • 5) Which are the BEST & MOST POPULAR colleges / universities that majority of Malaysian students prefer?Open or Close

    Over the last ten years, ASA has successfully helped thousands of students choose courses that would be relevant to prevailing market demands, as well as matching with the students’ interests and aptitude. This is possible because we keep abreast with the trends in the education scene as well as the socio-economic developments in our country and worldwide. So, that means, following the course that is popular may not be a good idea, but choosing one that suits you best is the key.

  • 6) What factors should I consider to choose the right institution for my studies abroad?Open or Close

    During the one-to-one course & career counseling sessions, our education advisors are trained to take special note of your and your parents’ considerations, be it location, cost or accommodation preferences etc. Other factors could be reputation of institution, structure of course, recognition of the course, size and mix of student population etc. We will help you identify, prioritise and shortlist the factors that are most relevant and important to you. This will put you in good stead to choose the institution best suited for you.

  • 7) When applying for accommodation, can international student request to stay on-campus?Open or Close

    Most institutions provide accommodation for international students and some even give international students the first priority for on-campus accommodation. This will either be a room in a hall of residence (either full-board or self-catering) or a self-catering shared house or flat.

    As on-campus halls of residence are very popular, you are strongly advised to apply for the college / university’s accommodation as soon as you receive the offer of acceptance. If you apply before the deadline set by the Institution, you will most likely be offered a place.

  • 8) Do the colleges / universities offer scholarships? How do I apply for the scholarships?Open or Close

    Some of the overseas colleges / institutions offer partial scholarships and bursary discounts to outstanding international students. Most of the scholarships are academic scholarships which cover only tuition fees of the course. Scholarships are, however, limited in number and hence competition is very keen among international students.

    If you qualify and would like to apply for the academic scholarships, you should submit your application early to increase your chance of obtaining the scholarship.

    ASA has assisted many students in securing scholarship places. Our education advisors are experienced and will be happy to advise you accordingly..