International students can apply for scholarships from the overseas Institutions at which they intend to pursue their education. Usually, scholarships offered are merit scholarships. Assessment of the student’s eligibility is often based on academic results and extra-curricular activities as well as the contributions that he can bring to the Institution.

Merit Scholarships usually cover fees only and do not include cost of living unlike the other types of scholarships offered by the Government/Ministries in Malaysia.

Merit Scholarships offered by the overseas Institutions may / may not cover the whole duration of the course. It all depends on funding available as well as the programme/course that you are applying for. The award or percentage of scholarship depends on the applicant’s academic performance, extra curricular and a number of other selection criteria (such as interviews, personal statement/essay, as well as additional assignments).

Examples of Merit Scholarships in the UK and Australia:

Abbey DLD College <<Click here to see details>>
Cambridge Tutors College <<Click here to see details>>
St Michael's Senior School <<Click here to see details>>
INTO University Partnership <<Click here to see details>>
Taylors College Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales <<Click here to see details>>
Navitas Group Australia <<Click here to see details>>

Note: ASA is able to assist you to apply for the above scholarship, please contact our Education Advisor for further information.

Other types of Scholarships

There are also other types of scholarships offered by the overseas Institutions, such as Sports Scholarship, Music Scholarship and Science Scholarship. Please consult the experienced Education Advisors at ASA should you require more information about these scholarships.