Nicholas LIM Wei Loon
Nicholas pursued Undergraduate lnternational Foundation – Pathway to Medicine Programme in University of St Andrews, UK
Firstly, I’d like to thank ASA for this wonderful opportunity. ASA has been extremely helpful right from the start - from the time I found out about St Andrews’ foundation programme through the seminar conducted by the Director of the English Teaching Centre of St Andrews, helping me manage my application documents, facilitating the entrance requirements and even organizing a pre-departure briefing to prepare students for what to expect upon arrival, all the way to my departure. The whole application process was a smooth one. Read more
It is obvious that ASA is experienced, and one can truly appreciate that.

St Andrews is a great town; small, peaceful with a friendly community. It indeed is a great place to study. One month into studying in the University of St Andrews and I can already say I am having a great time here. It’s been such an incredible experience to be in this new learning environment and I can only imagine how much more enriching and memorable this will be at the end of my course. The tutors here are passionate and extremely concerned about our progress and their dedication is obvious. The style of learning here is definitely different, but then again, the tutors are here to make sure we are coping well. People here understand that everyone comes from a different background and culture and they embrace that. It truly is an international community. My course mates consist of a diverse group of people from South Korea, Nigeria, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and even Kuwait and Bahrain. Flat mates doing the undergraduate courses are also from all over the word. If you’re missing a little bit of Teh Tarik, there’s always the ever friendly Malaysian community of students. However, as students, there are expectations of you, culturally and academically. The culture here expects you to be polite all the time, to be punctual, to be responsible, to hand in assignments (on time) and more importantly, to attend your classes! All in all, St Andrews is an excellent studying environment and I am enjoying my time studying here.

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Ru Pink pursued A-Levels in Cambridge Tutors College, UK; and currently at London School of Economics, UK reading Actuarial Science
Studying in London was not part of my plan before I got to know about Cambridge Tutors College (CTC), but now, I must say, it has been a rewarding experience and I’ve never looked back since.  
CTC is no ordinary college. With excellent tutors and a supportive host family, I was able to pull through my exams with results that I’m ecstatic with. CTC also hosts students from various countries and being able to interact with people of different nationalities have taught me to be more open. Read more

More importantly, tutors in CTC are very hands-on with UCAS applications which helped me greatly in getting into my first choice university, the London School of Economics.

Currently, I’m undertaking a course in Actuarial Science at LSE. The experience and knowledge I’ve gained here is truly unique as I try to fully utilize what the university can offer outside the compulsory modules, such as the clubs, societies, and career services. Life has definitely become more challenging as juggling between studies and extra-curricular activities becomes a daily affair, but meeting friends who share the same goals has made it much easier. To sum it up, I really enjoyed my time at CTC and LSE. I am glad that my choices led me here. Thanks to ASA.

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GO Cheing
GO Cheing pursued Grade 12 at Bronte College Canada; and currently at University of East Anglia, UK reading Actuarial Science
Canada is a wonderful place for people to live although sometimes it may be a little too cold for people from the tropics. I love Canada because of its multi-cultural social environment. Compared to Malaysia, Canada has more foreigners who go there on business or who migrate there. And for international students studying in Canada, we have many opportunities to learn from people from different cultural backgrounds. It is really a nice place to study. Read more

I did Grade 12 at Bronte College Canada. Bronte gives a lot of support to students. It has excellent facilities and superb teachers. In Bronte College, teachers provide very good academic support and give special tutorials to those who need extra help. We also earn from our peers during the small group tutorials.

ASA’s counsellors gave me a lot of help before my departure to Canada. I was well-prepared and did not panic when I reach Bronte College. Besides that, my counsellor also helped me in lodging my application to the UK University after I completed my Grade 12 in Canada, as well as preparing my VISA application. My counselor explained to me in great detail the procedures needed and patiently guided me throughout the whole process. ASA counselors are very friendly and I would recommend students planning to pursue their higher education overseas to choose ASA.

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SOON Qiao Yun
Qiao Yun pursued Foundation in Humanities, Law & Social Science in INTO University of Exeter, UK; and currently at King's College London, UK reading English with Film
I am really happy that I came to ASA for help. On my first visit, I was clueless about virtually everything - I did not know where to go and what to do. My education advisor spent many hours providing detailed information to help my family and I make a sound decision on what was best for me. I am very satisfied because throughout all the counselling sessions, I was never given a biased opinion or felt any pressure to attend a certain university. Read more

At the end of each session, we would have a checklist of the things we should consider and the documents we needed to prepare for the next session. For this reason, my university and visa applications were smooth and successful. To top it off, all the advisors are always ready to help and easily contactable, whether by phone or by email. I would strongly recommend ASA for anyone who wants to go study abroad.

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